Xtreme Force Dance Company Alumni

We are grateful for all dancers to allow us to be apart of their dance journey. We realize that commitment to an art and a love of dance will sometimes continue for our dancers after they graduate High School. Here are some of our alumni and insight into their dance journey after Xtreme Force Dance Company.

Alexis joined her first dance class in middle school at Xtreme! After being a top level competitive dancer, she auditioned for the dance department at SDSU. Alexis graduated as a dance major from SDSU. Alexis was also apart of the San Diego State Dance Team. The team won 1st at Nationals in Hip hop in 2020. Alexis was then a member of the 49ers Gold Rush for two seasons.

Charly became her dance journey at Xtreme at a very young age. Charly trained in all dance styles and was an award winning competitive dancer. Charly joined the ASU dance team in college. During Covid, Charly moved to LA to train in the Bridge Program at Mather Dance. Charly completed her college year as a member of the AZES World College team. Charly is currently a training dancer with many upcoming dance projects.

Niamh became her first dance class at Xtreme as a young dancers. Niamh trained in all styles. Niamh joined Sacramento State College where she danced on the school dance team, became a captain and choreographer. Niamh also was a dancer major in the dance program. Niamh became a member of the UDA staff where she travels and shares her training with dancers all over the US.

Capri joined Xtreme as a competitive dancer. She quickly became a strong part of our program and competitive team. Capri auditioned for the San Diego State Dance program as a dance Major and now is completing her 2nd year in the program.

Miranda came into Xtreme a shy girl with a love of dance. Miranda trained in all dance styles was a teacher assistant and had her own classes in high school. Miranda joined the Sonoma State Dance team in college. Miranda now is a director of a competition dance team where she continues to train and inspire dancers.

Talia was a strong dancer to join Xtreme as a young dancer. We were happy Talia continued her dance journey in college. Talia is currently a member of the Oregon State dance team.

Charlotte came into Xtreme with drive and passion for dance. Charlotte trained and excelled in every dance style. Charlotte an award winning dancer joined ACES World College team in Arizona. Charlotte is currently in her second season on the team and her dance journey continues.

Tyler joined Xtreme following in his sister footsteps. Tyler a strong hip hop dancer, joined classes and competed in contemporary too. Tyler after graduation became a member of the Golden State Warriors Blue Crew.

Michaela joined Xtreme for her Senior dance season! She commuted from Santa Cruz for the year. She wanted to continue her dance training in college and auditioned for the SDSU dance program. She graduated as with her BFA in dance.

Kiley joined Xtreme her Senior year moving to Livermore to compete on our team. Kiley learned so much and shared a wonderful season with us. Kiley auditioned for the Chapman dance program and joined the program for 4 years in college.

Jenna was a strong dancer loved by all her teammates whom joined Xtreme in high school Jenna quickly added new styles to her dance resume and worked hard to start competing in high school Jenna an award winning dancer became a member of the Cal Poly Dance team where she completed 4 years on the team.

Patrisha joined Xtreme as a beginner dancer and quickly excelled as a technical dancer in all dance styles. Patrisha danced for the Golden State Warriors dance team and LA Chargers. Patrisha spent time in LA with a talent agency training as a dancer. She worked for MTV, commercials, artists and more. Patrisha became a choreographer for college dance teams, NBA and NFL teams. Patrisha was an assistant coach for the Raiderettes. Patrisha continues to choreograph for dance teams and Xtreme.

Leigh started as a beginning dancer at Xtreme Force Dance Company to a competitive dancer by graduation. Leigh then attended UCLA as an International Economics major. She also trained at the Edge and in UCLA’s World Arts & Cultural Program. She also danced for the incredible UCLA Dance team, ACA Hip Hop and ICARIS contemporary program. Leigh was a member of the Golden State Warriors Dance Team the Warrior girls for many seasons.