Xtreme Force Dance Company Alumni

Patrisha Came to Xtreme Force Dance Company in 2000 when the studio first opened with her sister. Patrisha hadn’t taken any classes before but was quick to love dancing. She loved it so much she took hip hop classes with her big sister along with combo classes. Though Patrisha started out as shy young dancer, her confidence grew as she performed at local shows. Patrisha began to dance with the competition team as soon as the studio had it first team compete. She really started to shine on stage and even began doing solos. Patrisha was able to win in her solos and groups lots of overalls. Patrisha attended conventions and was awarded scholarships for Tremaine, Hollywood Vibe to name a few. Patrisha competed for the team for over 10 years regionally and nationally. Patrisha moved to the studios top dancer quickly and the shy dancer that started grew to a confidant young woman. Patrisha danced for her high school dance team for 4 years. We were so excited for Patrisha to follow in her teacher Miss Ashley’s footsteps and be dancing  for the Golden State Warrior dance team the “Warrior Girls”. We are proud that Patrisha is representing the studio, the teachers and the Warriors. She joined her friend Rachel who is also on the Warriors Girls from the studio. The two dancers competed in lots of routines together for the studio and who would’ve thought they would one day both dance on a professional team together. After 12 years of training at Xtreme Force Dance Company we are so proud of our alumni Patrisha.

Leigh started as a beginning dancer at Xtreme Force Dance Company. With her natural talent combined with her dedication to the training program, she progressed into an excellent dancer in no time. Now, Leigh attends UCLA as an International Economics major with an emphasis in Latin America. In her spare time, she trains at the Edge and in UCLA’s World Arts & Cultural Program. She also danced for the incredible UCLA Dance team, ACA Hip Hop. She is also helping form a new contemporary dance team at UCLA. She quotes: Dancing is my outlet. It is the one thing I can count on to always find beauty, confidence, and power, and I have Xtreme Force Dance Company to thank for that. XFDC inspired this passion within me by pushing me beyond my limits and providing constant encouragement. With the training and faith of my teachers during my eight years at XFDC, I have found something that both challenges and inspires me, and I now have the courage to go after it on my own.”

Rachel competed many nationally ranked solos with the Xtreme Force Dance Company. She was undoubtedly a strong part of our team, and since then, she has gone on to succeed in dance, as well as many other outlets. She is currently a Nursing major at Las Positas College. She was the assistant coach of the Granada High School Dance Team for the 2008-2009 season. That year, she was chosen as a rookie member for the NBA Warrior Girls. Rachel was also selected to be their team calendar cover girl. She is now beginning her second season with the Warrior Girls squad. She quotes: Dancing at XFDC allowed me to have a fun and stress-free experience. Their requirements weren’t too demanding which allowed me to focus on school and try other activities. I was able to grow in so many different areas as a dancer and create many friendships!”