Xtreme Force Dance Company Classes

Ballet Technique

Ballet is a disciplined form of dance that instills poise, grace, body carriage and flexibility. This class concentrates on techniques taught at the ballet barre, center floor, adagio, jumps and turns.  We offer ballet classes for ages 3 and up. We hold classes in pre-pointe and pointe.

Tap Technique

Tap is a form of dance where rhythmic and syncopated sounds are created by the feet. Tap dance teaches a sense of rhythm, timing and precision as well as aerobic activity.  We offer tap technique classes for ages 5 and up in various levels.

Child Combination Classes ages 2-5 years old

Come enjoy this high energy dance class for tap, jazz and ballet. Dancers will memorize dance steps and begin to work on dance terminology. Dancers can bring ballet and tap shoes to the class but they are not required for the first class. All dancers have the opportunity to perform in local shows and our annual recital.

Hip Hop

Come learn hip hop! Classes learn age appropriate steps to music they enjoy. This hip hop class will allow dancers to learn the latest industry styles with an emphasis on rhythm, funk, and attitude. Progression in this class will enhance coordination, strength, quickness, and endurance. All classes work on a routine that they perform at local shows and events. Dancers wear comfortable clothes and clean tennis shoes. We offer hip hop classes for boys and girls ages 4 to adult. We also offer all boy hip hop classes.

Jazz Technique

Jazz can take many forms, including lyrical, classical, street and musical theater. Our classes emphasize clean technique while fostering style and raising the dancer’s performance level. Warm-up is designed to strengthen the body and increase flexibility, and across-the-floor work helps to connect movement and build technical progressions. Routines challenge the dancer to dance from the inside out and push their artistic boundaries.


Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger.

Pointe Class

Pointe classes are for the advanced ballet student. Students work on barre, center, combinations in pointe shoes.
Instuctor approval required to join pointe classes.

Contemporary Technique

Classes consist on working on stretch, technique, improvisation and modern contemporary dance. in this class dancers will learn new routines weekly. Classes are offered for ages 9 and above.

Annual Studio showcase

Our studio puts on a yearly performance at the amazing Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore. We pride ourselves on having a themed showcase event for all family and friends to enjoy. We encourage all students to join us in this yearly performance event.

Acrobatics and tumbling